Founder's Message

Nothing moves, nothing prospers' without the will of God, the Almighty and without the goodwill and active co-operation of all concerned. In that context I pray for the blessing of God. His effulgent lights to guide and illuminate my ways and beseech the good will, the good wishes of my patrons, well-wishers, guardians and my fellow citizens in my venture. Lastly, I express my personal gratitude to whom it may concern for my recognition as a teacher and an educationist."


"Iqra" - READ.... said Allah in the Holy Quran. Inspired by Iqra the first Quranic word revealed to this world, Late Ahmad Raza Khan established Model English Academy in the year 1972 at Wali Manzil, Chowhatta on Ashok Rajpath, Patna with the sole intention of spreading the light of education, irrespective of caste, creed, language, sex or religion. Gradually the wings of education spread to other parts of the city. Hence S.T.Group of Institutions came into existence under the guidance of his youngest son Mr. Tarique Raza Khan and daughter-in-law Dr. Shahina Khan.