Play Area

In addition to the large school playground, Raza International Girls School provides a dedicated large play area with an indoor toy library and outdoor playground equipment. The play area includes see-saws, sandpits, a gym, swings, etc. An appropriate flooring will be provided in the indoor as well as the outdoor play area for the protection of the children.

Children are exuberant, carefree and energized when they are engaged in an activity. The developmental benefits of a well furnished and comprehensive play area are:

Life lessons: When children are engaged in play, they are presented with certain situations, interactions and challenges. As they develop competencies in these areas, they hone the same social, mental and physical skills they'll need in other aspects of life.

Mental development: Play helps the child successfully develop valuable skills such as imagination, creativity, abstract thinking, empathy, co-operation, problem solving, confidence, self-esteem and social and language skills.

Physical fitness: Traditional school playgrounds and organized PT sessions encourage predictable forms of play and interaction, often following rules. Raza International Girls School's play area encourages kids to be creative and participate in 'exploratory' play, role-play and other imaginative activities.

All-round development: Children who regularly engage in active play are more likely to be happy, physically fit and possess superior verbal and social skills - all traits that will serve them later in life. By providing a comprehensive play zone, we not only provide a fun and exciting play environment, but also help them grow into better-adjusted and healthier young adults.